Organic farm in Tuscany

The tradition of sustainable agriculture

Our farm was born in 1958 when Cesare Lecci moved to Valdichiana and in Badicorte he bought the manor house, some land and the "Podere Il Querciolo". Our hills were immediately cultivated with cereals and sunflowers following conventional agriculture methods.
Subsequently Annagiulia and Luciano maintained and took care of the company, buying land or, when possible, merging existing plots to optimize the processes.
Today the company covers about 60 hectares of land of which about 4 hectares of vineyards of Syrah only and 1 hectare of olive groves.

Our family

Organic Farm in Badicorte

Since February 2020, conventional agriculture has been abandoned by choosing to manage the land with organic practices.

The olive groves are all grassed to counteract the droughts of recent years due to climate change. The vineyards are all in Badicorte and are also managed with organic practices, also minimizing the use of copper and sulfur, the only products used to control the disease in organic vineyards.

In recent years we have begun to produce cereals and legumes to have products in bags, including our specialty, the black chickpea.

We work the land always preferring long rotations with legumes and lucerne with the sole aim of leaving our children with a better countryside than we found it.


Live in the countryside

Our mission is to respect and protect the countryside and our territory by implementing inclusive, sustainable, intelligent and circular organic agriculture that enhances the quality of our healthy and genuine “zero kilometer” products.

All those who come to “il Querciolo” will be made part of the typical life of the Tuscan countryside, made up of long and satisfying moments, free from frenzy and full of uniqueness and simplicity, tasting products that tell the story of our land and its traditions.

They will be free to savor the well-being that nature gives, discover its secrets and wonders that it hides and share them in a magical experience with your loved ones.


Nature: a treasure to keep

We believe in a world in which Nature has an invaluable value for the gifts it offers us and for the strong connections it creates between the countryside and its guardians.