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At “Il Querciolo” it is possible to taste our specialties and decide to buy on site or have them delivered directly to your home after departure. Already during the holiday, guests can taste pearl barley to make soups, cold salads with seasonal vegetables, black chickpeas, giant garlic from Valdichiana, simple or in the form of a sauce, spreadable cream, garlic flowers in oil and garlic pesto.

The transformed products are born from a project with the non-profit association of special children, "la Conserveria".


Cereals represent our most ancient history.
Today we continue to produce them organically by choosing special seeds or, if possible, ancient “high-protein” grains.
This is because with a part of the production, depending on the season and the production, we can bag them after an initial pearling or in the form of flour.

Black Chickpea

Our specialty, now requested by all our guests and regular customers, is the black chickpea. Originally from Murgia, Cesare decided to sow it for the first time in 2021 to respect rotations and because it is a highly nutritious product. With its black and wrinkled skin, rich in iron, once cooked it is rich in proteins and vitamins. Already naturally savoury, it only needs a drizzle of oil to be tasted and is unexpectedly delicious.

Giant Garlic

If you are in the Valdichiana you have to produce “Aglione”, a giant, sweet and delicate garlic, sought after by restaurateurs or simple enthusiasts.
The cultivation of garlic is very difficult and tiring but allows to have a truly unique product.
At “Il Querciolo” we offer it simple or in jars of different sizes, transformed to respond to the most varied tastes of our customers and guests.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Since 1958, our family has been cultivating and keeping around 500 olive trees of the Leccino, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Pendolino varieties. We obtain an oil with a color that goes from green to golden yellow and with unique aromas, an expression of the season and of our territory. Given the very low productions obtained, the oil is distinguished by a sweet, delicate, harmonious flavour and with a normally very low acidity value. It is excellent raw on salads, grilled meat or simply on a slice of Tuscan bread. The oil is packaged, depending on the requests, in 3L, 5L cans or in 0.5L and 0.75L glass bottles.

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